I am hiring.

Several Openings for Postdoc Positions and PhD scholarships.

If you are passionate about Cyber Security and Privacy and can demonstrate a prestigious research or Industry track record in any of the following, please reach out and apply (Applications close: 03 January 2021)

Postdoc Position in Cyber Security https://jobs.mq.edu.au/en/job/507960/postdoctoral-research-fellow-in-cyber-security

Master of Research and PhD scholarships

I am always looking for highly motivated and skilled MRes and PhD candidates.

While you may come across some of the scholarships we do open for applications, in which case you may want to apply directly through the Macquarie University High Degree Research Program, please feel always free to reach out directly by sending me a CV and a research proposal. You can have a sense of my current research interests by skimming through my Publications page or my Google Scholar Profile.

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Open Domestic PhD Scholarship Positions

If you are a Domestic Student and would like to pursue an MRes or a PhD in any of the following areas, please contact me. We offer Mres and Phd Scholarships and very competitive Stipends to outstanding candidates.

Interested in pursuing a Master by Research or a PhD in Cyber Security and Privacy in Sydney?

This is probably the right page for you.

Research Interests

First start by taking a looking at my Research profile. (Check the Publications section if you’re not too sure, and skim through a number of papers). You can send me an email (dali.kaafar@mq.edu.au) or dali.kaafar@data61.csiro.au) if you can’t locate a PDF version of the paper you’re interested in.


If you think we would get along in terms of research interests and research profiles, then I’d encourage you at this point to start thinking of whether your profile matches some criteria to be able to start a PhD (or potentially a Master of Research).

If you would like me to supervise your PhD or MRes, you would have to apply for Admission (and potentially for scholarship if you don’t have your own fundings) at Macquarie University and then for (Top-up or Full) scholarship from Data61. Here are a couple of links that you should check:

Macquarie University PostGraduate Research Program


You would have to apply for admission to the PhD Program (After we discuss the Research Proposal, See below) and then apply for scholarships. There are many Scholarship schemes at Macquarie and you could check the following link to start with (if you’re International Student) https://www.mq.edu.au/research/phd-and-research-degrees/scholarships/scholarships-for-international-candidates

Data61 Scholarship Program

Data61 offers PhD scholarship and you would be able to apply for Top-Up scholarship after admission at an Australian University (if you would like me to supervise you, you have to seek admission from Macquarie University)



CSC Scholarship

China Scholarship Council – Macquarie University Joint Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Candidates should satisfy the selection criteria set out by CSC, and submit to the CSC the CSC Application Form and the CSC Employer Reference Form, available at http://apply.csc.edu.cn/ by the due date Check other criteria at https://www.mq.edu.au/research/phd-and-research-degrees/scholarships/scholarships-for-international-candidates

Co-Tutelle PhD Programs.

Co-Tutelle programs are great programs where candidates are enrolled in two Universities for their PhD. It could be a very convenient way of having the best from two places while also being pragmatic about funding your PhD. Check out the following page for a comprehensive list of things to check before embarking in this. You can contact me for more Information about this Program.


Research Proposal

It is also VERY important to come up with a nice research proposal (that we can refine later when you’d start your PhD or MRes). However, it is crucial to show skills in research writing, scientific and methodological reasoning and ideas structuring.

By now, I presume you already took a look at my current research activities

However, before you apply to your PhD Admission and Scholarship, you need to send me your research proposal. Make sure you include recent references and make sure you read some High quality papers to write up your proposals. If you need access to one of my papers and is not online, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll make sure I send a PDF version to you.

I have added some possible ideas of research projects here, and tagging them with the sort of profiles that I am expecting PhD students to have to be successful in these projects. I am almost exclusively working on Security and/or Privacy these days and so it is important you align to that.

Mobile Apps Security and Privacy [Profile: Machine Learning, Measurement, System Knowledge, Data science] Web Security and Malware Analysis [Profile: Machine Learning, Measurement, System Knowledge, Data science]

Network Security Modelling and SDN-enabled Network Intelligence [Profile: System Knowledge, Networks, Machine Learning, Measurement] Next Generation Authentication technologies [Profile: Applied Cryptography, Information Theory, Statistics, Machine learning, Statistics, System knowledge] Privacy Preserving Data Sharing and Variants of Differential Privacy [Profile: Theory, Information Theory, Statistics, Machine learning] Cyber Risks Modelling [Profile: Theory, System, Measurement, Statistics, Economics] Human Factors of Security [Profile: Measurement, Data science, CHI, Machine learning] Blockchain Security [Profile: Data science, theory, System knowledge, Applied Cryptography]

These are only possible ideas, on which you could elaborate and that you can expand. Feel free to come up with new areas that you would like to explore too.

If you’re confident your profile matches my research interests and if you are motivated enough and confident you have either a good research track record (some good publications during your Master Thesis) or have had some great grades in Undergrad/Postgrad from a reputable institution / university, you can feel confident in sending me an email and there are high chances I will be supporting you for your scholarship applications (if any).