Information Security & Privacy Research Group

Post-Doctoral Researchers

  1. Dr. Tham Nguyen
  2. Dr. Tahiry Rabehaja
  3. Dr. Gioacchino Tangari
  4. Dr. Zhigang Lu
  5. Dr. Nardine Basta

Current PhD Students

  1. Hina Qayyum, Macquarie University. Topic: Statistical Analysis for ML/AI robustness against adversarial attacks

  2. Fazlullah Khan, Macquarie University. Topic: Design and Analysis of a Secure and Privacy Preserving Mobile Crowd sensing System

  3. Shakila Mahjabin, Macquarie University. Topic: Privacy in AI

  4. Rizwan Ahmad, Macquarie University. Topic: Privacy and security in Edge Computing

  5. Nan Wu, Macquarie University. Topic: Utility-Privacy Tradeoffs in Data analytics

  6. Nazim Uddin Sheikh, Macquarie University. Topic: Statistical Models For Privacy preserving Energy Data

  7. Marina Dehez-Clementi, Macquarie University/University of Toulouse. Topic: Verifiable data schemes

  8. Ben Zhao, Data61-UNSW, Topic: Next Generation Authentication techniques

Past PhD Students

  1. [Rahat Masood], Data61-UNSW, Topic: Privacy for wearable devices.

  2. [Ikram Muhammad], Data61-UNSW. Topic: Usable Privacy Preserving Technologies. Lecturer: Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub.

  3. [Arash Shaghaghi], Data61-UNSW, co-supervised with Sanjay Jha, UNSW. Topic: Securing Large Enterprise Networks.

  4. [Zainab Abaid], Data61-UNSW, co-supervised with Sanjay Jha, UNSW. Topic: Early detection of Malware.

  5. [Jagmohan Chauhan], Data61-UNSW, co-supervised with Aruna Seneviratne. Topic: Security and Privacy of under-powered devices.

  6. [Abdelberi Chaabane], Inria. Graduated in May 2013. Topic: Privacy in online social networks. Currently Post-Doctoral researcher at Northeastern University.

  7. Minh-Dung Tran, Inria, Graduated in November 2013. Topic: Privacy challenges in Online Targeted Advertising. Currently leading system Architect at Probayes.

  8. Dong Wong, Inria/ICT-China Academy of Science. Graduation July 2015. Topic:Models for data Extraction and their applications to the digital economy . Currently Principal Engineer at Yahoo!